I’m encouraging voters in District 7 to consider the following candidates for House District 7 and take time to get to know them and what they stand for. This is my personal order of preference and I explain why in the email below: a. Kyle Andersen b. Lisa Roskelley c. Dan Deuel d. Robert (Dan) Petersen First on my list is Kyle Andersen. I’ve known Kyle for close to 15 years and have a great deal of respect and trust in him. There are a number of things that helped to place him first on my list, but first and foremost is his perspective on politics and similar ideologies. Kyle isn’t driven to hold office for any other reason than to serve those in his community. This is such an important point. He feels very much like I do about public service and the need to stay connected with the people he serves. There really is nothing he wants out of the opportunity but to “do good” in our state. In my opinion, there is no better candidate than the one for whom the word “politics” leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Kyle is retired and spent his career auditing the IRS, so he’s seen more government waste in his life than most of us. This has really solidified his view of a need to limit government to only its “appropriate” functions. I see a sincere desire to continue where I leave off as being a fiscally conservative watchdog. His platform emphasizes a need to seek out waste in our state spending and to zero-base budget (something that we NEED to do as a state that we’re not doing today to ensure that we’re managing taxpayer money well). He will join the growing number of House members who have strongly opposed tax hikes and shed light on issues that are important to taxpayers.

Justin Fawson
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