Newsweek declared the Ogden–Weber County
area a “middle-class oasis.” I want to continue
to help make it an oasis where families, businesses,
and government work together.


My Pledge:

  • I will do what I can to keep taxes in check while providing for necessary public needs such as education, health services, and infrastructure.
  • I will try to move the State toward a “zero based” budget approach…periodically analyzing appropriations in the budget to eliminate wasteful expenditures, or those that have outlived their usefulness.
  • I will work with local and State officials to advocate for the Weber County area to ensure our schools, businesses and families are not overlooked as tough spending decisions are made.

I retired as a director for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration after 35 years of auditing the IRS to ensure that taxpayer rights were observed and protected while tax dollars were collected fairly and efficiently. I made a career of identifying problems and recommending solutions, resulting in millions of dollars of savings for American taxpayers.


  • Government involvement is not the answer to most problems.
  • Education should have local control. Quality higher and technical education will provide a qualified workforce for a growing economy.
  • Government should promote business AND family friendly policies to attract more of the right businesses. When our children graduate from school, let’s make it possible for them to raise their families here.
  • State government needs to get by on a limited budget, just as all households do.
  • State representatives should do just that… represent you!